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You’ll find Cornwall City when touring the easternmost part of Ontario province. It’s the administrative seat of Stormont, Dundas, and Glengarry (SDG) counties. Something else that’s interesting is that it’s also one of the fourteen entry points into Canada from the United States.

Ontario's Cornwall is a charming destination for tourism.
Ontario’s Cornwall is a charming destination for tourism.

Hence, dozens come to Cornwall annually because it’s a transit city and also a major urban center. On top of that, there’s so much for visitors to enjoy and experience. It has plenty on offer, from geographical to cultural and entertainment spots.

On that note, some of the best cultural attractions in Cornwall are art galleries and historical sites. Also, it has an array of performance art theatres. You can watch plays and music concerts.

Since it’s a transit city, you can also experience a few activities on the U.S. side. One such place is a few miles outside Cornwall in New York. That’s where you find the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort. There are also a lot of great casinos in Ontario that can be a fun destination.

Cornwall is an old city. The first people arrived in the 1700s. Centuries later, migrants flowed in from various parts of the world. They now make up the unique cultures you’ll find here.

Ontario has the most inhabitants in Canada. Many of them are migrants. Also, Ontario has more museums and historical sites than any other region in Canada.

Thus, the province has an established visual and performing arts heritage to explore. It is also home to some top contemporary art galleries in the country. As such, the galleries to sample first are the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa and the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

Furthermore, Toronto City is the center of Ontario’s art and entertainment scene. This city hosts more shows than anywhere else besides New York and London. If you want something different, other cities like Niagara-on-the-Lake and Stratford exist. These two treat you to famous festivals.

The Different Types of Exhibitions

Several exhibitions happen across various galleries in Ontario. For example, the National Gallery of Canada hosts numerous shows. One of these is the Movement: Expressive Bodies in an Art exhibition that showcases dance as an art form.

The New Generation Photography Award is another exhibition running at the NGC. It is a photography exhibition showcasing selected works of annual winners.

Also running at the NGC is Vertigo Sea by filmmaker John Akomfrah. It is a haunting three-screen film depicting our violent relationship with the sea.

Can the casino be an art gallery to explore while in this city? Casino operators are hosting immersive art experiences to improve customer spending.

Projects like Beyond van Gogh have succeeded in increasing sales in other markets. Thus, casino operators hope to attract new clients to their establishments using artwork.

Interesting Pastimes in Canada

Beyond culture and creative heritage, the country abounds with natural features. Canada lies within the Aurora Oval. That’s a region in the North Pole where the Northern Lights occur.

It is also one of the few countries where the lights occur throughout the year. Thus, the country draws tourists and adventure seekers throughout the year.

Other exciting pastimes one can enjoy include experiencing French Culture in Quebec City. Additionally, you can sip superb wines while touring Niagara-on-the-Lake.

What’s News

Canada has many entertainment and sports events throughout the year. These include the Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show in Calgary. Outdoor and adventure industry players showcase their latest products and services there.

Another event not to miss is the Esports Summit. It brings together industry players from the tourism and Esports sectors. It’s a networking forum that caters to a fast-growing niche of esports events. 

Also, join anime, cosplay, gaming, and horror fans at the Fan Expo in Vancouver. You’ll also mingle with celebrities, artists, comic book illustrators, and actors.

Another activity to experience is the Yes Canada Conference. It’s a youth forum that seeks to empower young leaders. Attendees get mentorship to help them be change agents in their communities.