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Canada is the second largest country worldwide, after Russia. On the other hand, it is also one of the world’s most sparsely populated. Therefore, the country’s natural landscape is generally wild and untouched.

Interestingly, while the country has a low population compared to its size, it is remarkably multicultural. Hence, Canada has a large population of immigrant communities from around the world. Here are five fun activities you can do in Canada.

See the Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern or Polar Lights, will take your breath away. It has enchanting patterns or waves of light appearing across the sky. You can spot these in the polar regions. Plus, much of Canada’s northern provinces lie in the Aurora Oval, where the lights are visible at night.

Canada is one of the few places on Earth where the Aurora Zone is easily accessible. Therefore, there are several tourist spots to view the nighttime wonder. Some of the best places are Churchill, Manitoba and Whitehorse, and Yukon Territory. They’re among the best destinations for watching the Northern Lights in winter.

However, the phenomenon doesn’t have seasons. It’s visible throughout the year in Canada, depending on the province. Therefore, if traveling in winter is not appealing, you can take a guided tour at the Torngat National Park.

It’s one place that’ll give you day and night adventures. For instance, you can spend the nights watching the sky. During the day, visit Inuit Elders to learn about the history and culture of the region.

An exciting pastime - see the Northern Lights
An exciting pastime – see the Northern Lights

Winter Wonderland at The Ice Hotel

The travel industry in Canada offers unique adventure experiences that make it a top tourist destination. The Ice Hotel (Hôtel de Glacé) in Quebec is the only establishment of its kind in North America. It is an architectural marvel made entirely out of snow and ice.

This hotel opens annually during the winter months of January to March. It features creative and intricately carved furniture and decoration items. Additionally, it has a breathtaking grand hall, ice bar, chapel, guest rooms, and suites.

These amenities make The Ice Hotel a perfect winter getaway for an out-of-this-world experience.

Experience French Culture in Quebec

Montreal and Quebec City are two of the major metropolitan areas of Quebec province. The city is predominantly French and features a distinct Parisian charm. Old Quebec is the cradle of French culture in North America. Plus, it hosts most of the city’s tourist attractions.

Quebec City is the best place in Canada to experience French culture. You’ll have the full experience, from French-style architecture and cobblestone streets to the food. Moreover, you can enjoy spectacular city views from the Château Frontenac Hotel and the Observatories de la Capitale building.

A tour of Quebec City would be incomplete without food, and we recommend trying out their signature dish, poutine.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Vineyards

Niagara on the Lake is a premium wine-growing region. It has some of the oldest wineries in Canada. The vineyards produce various world-class wines. As such, you can sample light and fresh varieties to full-bodied versions.

Additionally, the vineyards offer private tours to visitors and holiday-inspired taster sessions. Other fun activities include bike rides and hikes. You could also choose this place for your events. The beauty of these vineyards makes excellent wedding venues and honeymoon destinations.

You have over 40 wineries to explore. If you want to learn about wine, you can visit the Niagara College Wine Visitor + Education Centre.

Outdoor Adventures at Tofino

This town is on Vancouver Island. It’s one of the most western regions of Canada. Tofino faces the Pacific Ocean and is known for its incredible sunsets. Additionally, Tofino is one of Canada’s best surfing spots. You can also try excursions like hiking and paddling.

Tofino is an all-year-round tourist destination. However, summer is its busiest season. Visitors can enjoy safari-style camping at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort. Alternatively, they can watch the massive storm waves crash on the beach during winter.